Dr. Sam Fernald

Professor, Watershed Management
Director, Water Resources Research Institute

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Dr. Sam Fernald is a professor for the Watershed Management and the current Director for the Water Resources Research Institute. His areas of research and interest include Socio-hydrology, Surface water-groundwater interactions, Integrated human and natural systems, Runoff and water quality processes, Forest management effects on water yield and watershed health, Ecohydrology of rangelands, Regional water budgets, and Groundwater management institutions.

Specialty Topics/Focus: 

  • Socio-hydrology
  • Surface water-groundwater interactions
  • Integrated human and natural systems
  • Runoff and water quality processes
  • Forest management effects on water yield and watershed health
  • Ecohydrology of rangelands
  • Regional water budgets
  • Groundwater management institutions

Countries of Expertise:

Contact Information:

Phone: 575-646-1041