Dr. Rani Alexander

Department Head, Anthropology

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Dr. Rani Alexander is the Department Head for the Anthropology Department. Dr. Alexander is an archaeologist specializing in the complex societies of Mesoamerica, the post AD1450 archaeology of the Yucatán peninsula, colonialism and ethnohistory, archaeological households and site structure, agrarian ecology, zooarchaeological analysis, and quantitative analytical methods. She specializes in the study of the pre-Hispanic complex societies of Mesoamerica, historical archaeology of the Yucatán peninsula, and Maya ethnohistory. Her research focuses on community autonomy, the formation of refuge areas, frontiers, and resistance to colonial and postcolonial regimes. Her country of expertise is Mexico.

Specialty Topics/Focus: 

  • Pre-Hispanic complex societies of Mesoamerica
  • Historical archaeology of the Yucatán peninsula
  • Maya ethnohistory

Countries of Expertise:

  • Mexico

Contact Information:

Phone: 575-646-5809