Dr. Manoj Shukla

Professor, Environment Soil Physics, Plant and Environmental Sciences

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Dr. Manoj Shukla is a Professor for the Plant and Environmental Sciences. He is also Chair of Awards Committee, Member of Curriculum and Graduate Studies committee of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, and member of regional coordination committee on trickle irrigation. Dr. Shukla’s areas of interest include assessment of physical, chemical and thermal properties of soil, and chemical fate and transport in the soil. Special areas of research interest are the role of spatial and temporal heterogeneity of soil properties on plot and field-scale under different ecosystems, land use and management systems over a broad range of scales, migration of solutes through soil profile, soil quality indicators, model calibration, and carbon sequestration in soils.

Specialty Topics/Focus: 

  • Assessment of physical, chemical and thermal properties of soil
  • Chemical fate and transport in the soil

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Contact Information:

Phone: 575-646-2324