Dr. Iñigo García Bryce

Associate Professor, History

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Dr. Garcia-Bryce is an associate Professor for the History Department. His current research is on the history of the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA), one of Latin America’s oldest populist parties. He has been Director of NMSU’s Center for Latin American and Border Studies since 2011. He speaks English, Spanish and French fluently, and has also has some proficiency in Quechua, Latin, Italian, Portuguese and German.  He has presented on his research in England, Germany, Peru and Argentina.  His international experiences include living in Prague (Czech Republic), Berlin and Munich (Germany), Paris (France) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).   He has worked as a journalist and a Spanish interpreter and translator. His areas of research and interest include Latin American History, History of Revolutions in Latin America, History of Peru and the Andes, and Oral History.

Specialty Topics/Focus: 

  • Latin American History
  • History of Revolutions in Latin America
  • History of Peru and the Andes
  • Oral History

Countries of Expertise:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Berlin and Munich, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Contact Information:

Phone: 575-646-2076