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Name Title Department/Unit Areas of Focus Countries of Expertise
Richard Adkisson Emeritus Professor Economics
  • Economic development
  • Economics of taxation
  • Public Policy
  • Institutional economics
  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Coasta Rica
  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
Rani Alexander Department Head Anthropology
  • Pre-Hispanic complex societies of Mesoamerica
  • Historical archaeology of the Yucatán peninsula
  • Maya ethnohistory
  • Mexico
Ashley Page Atkins Research Scientist Water Resources Research Institute
  • Hydrology
  • Transboundary Water
  • Coupled human and natural systems
  • Water resources management
    • Systems science
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
Jesus Barquet Emeritus Professor Language and Linguistics
  • Hispanic Caribbean Literature
  • Hispanic Literature in the US
  • Poetry Translation
  • Creative Writing (Poetry)
  • Cuban Literature
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Dominican Republic
Bruce Berman Associate Professor Journalism and Media
  • Photography focusing on the U.S. - Mexico Border
Christopher Brown Professor Geography
  • U.S.-Mexico border water resource policy
  • U.S.-Canada border water resource policy
  • Quality of life and human development issues in US-Mexico borderlands
  • United States
  • Mexico Border Region
Carol Campbell Department Head Geography
  • Avian ecology
  • biogeography and ecology
  • GIS
  • sustainability
  • National Parks
  • human relationships with the natural environment

Andrés Cibilis Professor Animal and Range Sciences
  • Grazing management 
  • Ecology
  • Argentina
Luis Cifuentes Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Ivan de la Rosa Associate Professor Social Work
  • Maternal and child health
  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic violence 
  • Development of family resilient capacities
  • Mexico
Hector Diaz Director/Professor Social Work
  • Socio-economic development
  • Social welfare policy
  • Cultural issues
  • International social work education
Christopher Erickson Interim Department Head & Professor Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Money and banking
  • Latin America
  • Economic Development
  • Mexico
Sam Fernald Professor/Director Water Resources Research Institute
  • Socio-hydrology
  • Surface water-groundwater interactions
  • Integrated human and natural systems
  • Runoff and water quality processes
  • Forest management effects on water yield and watershed health
  • Ecohydrology of rangelands
  • Regional water budgets
  • Groundwater management institutions
Rolando Flores Dean

College of ACES

  • Food science and technology
  • Agricultural engineering 
  • Grain science
Hermán Garcia Emeritus Professor Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educacìon billingúe crítica /ESL /Literacy
  • Critical and anti-racist pedagogy
  • International Education
  • Critical curriculum development and education of Latinos
  • Latin America
José Manuel Garcia Emeritus Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Hispanic literature
  • Mexican literature
  • Micro-literature
Iñigo Garcia-Bryce Associate Professor History
  • Latin American History
  • History of Revolutions in Latin America
  • History of Peru and the Andes
  • Oral History
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Berlin and Munich, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
Neil Harvey Professor Government
  • Comparative Politics
  • Latin American Politics
  • Mexican Politics
  • US-Mexico Border Politics
  • Migration, Borders and Human Rights
  • Social Movements and Identity Politics
  • Indigenous Peoples and Political Change
  • Mexico
Karen Kopera-Frye Professor

Public Health Sciences

  • Alcoholism
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Assessment
  • Cross-cultural Studies
  • Ethnic Groups: African-American/Black American/African
  • Ethnic Groups: Hispanic/Spanish and Native American
  • Gerontology
  • Health Promotion
  • Intergenerational Relations: Intergenerational Programming
  • Mental Health Dysfunction
  • Successful Aging
Delano Lewis Independent Consultant

Office of the Provost

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Language Use and language Attitudes
  • Language Policy
  • Education of Linguistic Minorities
  • First and Second Language Acquisition
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Brazil
Jill McDonald Professor Public Health Sciences
  • Health disparities in the US-Mexico border region and in the US Hispanic and Mexican populations
John Mexal Emeritus Professor

Agronomy and Horticulture

  • Tree physiology
  • Nursery production
  • Reforestation
  • Establishment of plants in harsh environments
  • Mycorrhizal symbiosis
  • Seed biology
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Guatemala
  • India
Molly Molloy Emerita Professor Library
  • Latin America
  • U.S.- Mexico Border
  • Bibliography and online databases
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
Gabriela Moreno Assistant Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Cultural and literary studies along the U.S. - Mexico border
  • Performance studies
  • Gender studies
C. Alison Newby Associate Professor Sociology
  • Latin American studies
  • Mexican migration to the United States
  • Cultural and religious uses of elemental mercury
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
Nancy Oretskin Emerita Professor Finance
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Mexico
David G. Ortiz Associate Professor Sociology
  • Social Movements
  • Civic Engagement
  • State Repression
  • Time-Diffusion of social Processes
  • Political Sociology
  • Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs)
  • Digital Media
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Research Methodology
  • Latin America
  • Mexico
  • United States
Rebecca Palacios  Associate Professor Public Health Sciences
  • Culturally relevant cancer education
  • U.S. - Mexico Border
James Peach Emeritus Professor Economics and International Business
  • U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations
  • U.S. - Mexico Border Issues
  • Demographic Trends and Projections
  • The New Mexico Economy 
  • Regional Economics
  • Sports Economics
  • Mexico
  • Peru 
  • Bangladesh
Beth Pollack Emerita Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Spanish American women Writers
  • Latin American Jewish Literature and Cultural Identity
  • Translation
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Perú
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • México
  • Spain
Lakshmi Reddi Dean College of Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
Neal Rosendorf Associate Professor Government
  • Modern U.S. foreign relations and international relations history and policy
  • Public diplomacy
  • National reputation management
  • International public relations and "soft power"
  • Globalization history and concepts
David Rutledge Associate Professor School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership
  • Learning technologies
  • ESL/Bilingual education
  • International comparative education
Yolanda Schroeder College Assistant Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Spanish Composition 
  • Bilingual Education
Mary Alice Scott Associate Professor Anthropology
  • Medial Anthropology
  • Mexico
Rhonda Skaggs Emerita Professor Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
  • Irrigation and water resources
  • Natural Resources and economic impacts of changing agricultural structure
  • Impermanence syndrome
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
Manoj Shukla Professor Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Assessment of physical, chemical and thermal properties of soil
  • Chemical fate and transport in the soil
M. Lois Stanford Associate Professor Anthropology
  • Agricultural anthropology globalization
  • Food studies
  • Community development in Mexico and New Mexico
  • Mexico
  • Phillipines
Caiti Steele Assistant Professor  Jornada Experimental Range Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation
  • Improving estimates of snow-covered area for streamflow from snowmelt
  • state-and-transition models for potential-based rangeland classification
  • Physiology and reflectance characteristics of native and invasive grassland species
  • Radiometric calibration of hyperspatial digital imagery
Kenny Stevens Associate Professor Civil Engineering Technology
  • Aggies Without Limits (AWL)
Joe Tomaka Professor Public Health
  • Challenge appraisal and self-esteem as predictors of health and well-being
Delia Valles-Rosales Professor Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Sustainable Systems
  • Systems modeling for waste and energy minimization
Daniel Villa Emeritus Professor Languages an Linguistics
  • Spanish
Frank Ward Professor Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
  • Water Policy
Timothy Wright Professor Biology
  • Evolution of vocal learning and communication signals among birds
  • Costa Rica
  • Uruguay
  • Bolivia
  • Panamá
  • Nicaragua
Ryan McRoberts Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Student Social Work
  • Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) strategies
  • Programming Development
  • Moniotring, Reporting and Evaluation (MRE)
    • Child & Youth Development
Nicholas Natividad Associate Professor Criminal Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Border Studies
  • Immigration
  • Peach & Conflict Studies
  • Borderlands and Ethnic Studies Program
Glenn Fetzer Professor, Department Head Language & Linguistics
  • Contemporary French poetry
  • Twentieth-Century French literature
  • Literature of the "extrême contemporarin"
  • Stylistics
  • Pragmatics
Alexis Salas Assistant Professor Art 
  • Globalization
  • Neoliberalism in the Developing World
  • Art Market Collectors and Collecting
  • Design (Fashion, Architecture, Material Culture) History
  • Film, particularly Third Cinema
  • Collaboration and Collectivity
  • ‘Zines and Artist Print Culture
  • Curatorial Practice and Museums
  • Copyright, Intellectual Property, Plagiarism
  • Art Fairs, Biennials, Exhibitions
  • Mexico
Hector Inglesias Pascual Assistant Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Contemporary Latin American Literature and Cultures
  • Latin American Film
  • Queer and Sexualities Studies
  • Social Media Studies
  • Chile
  • Argentina
Mark Waltermire Associate Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistic variation
  • Language contact, particularly regarding the linguistic results of Spanish in contact with Portuguese along the Uruguayan-Brazilian border and Spanish in contact with English in the United States
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Uruguay
Rodrigo Figueroa Obregón Assistant Professor Languages and Linguistics
  • Geocriticism
  • Poetry
  • Disability Studies
  • Post-humanism
  • Mexico
Kate Bove Assistant Professor Languages and Linguistics 
  • Formal Semantics
  • Syntax
  • Pragmatics
  • Language Contact
  • Bilingualism
  • Indigenous languages
  • Mexico
  • U.S. Mexico Border
Efren Delgado  Associate Professor Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Value-added and Food Processing           

  • Microencapsulation

  • Basic & Applied Research                                                      

  • Cereal Technology

  • Extrusion Technology                             

  • Meat processing                                         

  • Protein Isolation & Separation  

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Mexico
Faruk Arslan Assistant Professor Information Systems
  • IS adoption, diffusion, and use
  • Information privacy and security
  • The business value of information systems
  • Information systems and global diversity
  • Business analytics
  • Mexico
Elba Serrano Regents Professor Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Genetics
  • Neuroethics
  • Space Exploration
  • International Science
  • STEM Research Education
  • Diversity & Equity in Science
  • Professional Development for Graduate Students and Faculty
  • Brasil
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Singapore
  • VietNam
Victor Pimentel Assistant Professor  Management 
Barry Brewer Associate Professor  Supply Chain Management
Don Fuqua Assistant Professor  Accounting and Information Systems
Karim Martinez Associate Professor Family Life & Child Development Specialist 
  • Reaching Spanish-speaking audiences


    Culturally relevant outreach strategies

  • Equity, inclusion, and diversity

  • Social and emotional literacy

  • Stress and resilience

  • Mental health

  • Adverse childhood experiences

  • U.S./Mexico Border
Robert Moreno Professor, Department Head Family and Consumer Sciences 
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Familial and cultural influences on children's learning among Latino families 
  • Acculturation
  • Immigration 
Stephanie Arnett Assistant Professor  Sociology 
  • Education
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Research Methods
  • Social Stratification 
Carlo A. Mora-Monge Professor, Department Head Management
  • Technology adoption and use
  • Supply chain management
  • Data analytics
  • Quality management
  • Multicountry studies
  • Costa Rica
Name Title Department/Unit Areas of Focus Countries of Expertise

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